NEW! Wood Frog Original Watercolor Painting

NEW! Wood Frog Original Watercolor Painting

Sale price$525.00

Wood Frog, Lithobates sylvaticus

This painting was inspired by the annual chorus of Wood Frogs that come to the pond outside of my studio here in Vermont.  Wood Frogs are a land-based frog.  They are not tree frogs and only come to vernal pools to mate, the rest of the time they inhabit the mossy, swampy areas of the forest.  So to me they are a symbol of the north woods much like a Whitetailed Deer.

Hand-signed original watercolor painting on Arches watercolor paper.  Price includes museum-quality framing including UV-blocking glass.  The original painting's image is 3" wide x 3" tall and framed size is 10" wide x 10" tall.