WHAT IS A Gicleé Print and how long will it last?

How do you ship frames with glass so they don't break? What if my print does arrive damaged?

How do I care for my print now that I've received it?

What is your quality control process?

Tell me more about the new metal prints, can I hang them outside?

How big are the cards & how are notecards different from holiday cards?

What kinds of drinkware do you offer?



Yes! That is what I do. See more details and watch the video on the Commissions Page by clicking here.


** The print size options shown are to the outside of the mat or frame.

** Some paintings are rectangular and others are more square, so depending on the proportions of the subject, they are either in set A or set B. Set A is rectangular, such as a trout. Set B is more square such as a starfish.

SMALL- One Size

Size of the Fish or other subject:  9" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  11" x 14"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  13" x 16"


Size of the Fish:  14" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  12" x 20"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  14" x 22"


Size of the Fish:  12" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  14" x 18"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  16" x 20"


Size of the Fish:  20" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  16" x 28"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  18" x 30"


Size of the Fish:  16" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  18" x 24"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  20" x 26"


Size of the Fish:  31" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  24" x 40"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  27" x 43"


Size of the Fish:  27" wide, height varies

Dimensions of Matted Print:  27" x 36"

Dimensions of Framed Print:  30" x 39"

Giclée is a term coined by Jack Guganne in 1991 for fine art prints made on very high end inkjet printers. Our prints conform to the standards of the GPA (Giclee Printers Association) due to the inks, paper, and resolution used to create our prints.

We use an Epson Gicleé machine with Ultrachrome K3 Inks, Epson Cold Press Natural textured watercolor paper, and print at 2,880 dots per inch (dpi). Most color images in books are printed at 300 dpi, so our prints are about 10X better resolution.

Our prints are hand-signed and numbered. They are made in Limited Editions of 250 of each size. The number shows which print of 250 you have, so if yours is 16/250 you have number 16 of the 250 total prints. Once those 250 prints have been sold, no more prints are available, this makes them more valuable. Time for Nick to make a new painting!


It depends on where you are and what you ordered:

- All products except the prints ship within 2-3 business days. Depending on the product they ship via US Postal Service or UPS Mail Innovations. Prints take 7-10 days from your order date to ship. this is why:

- Hand signed prints need to be printed, then inspected and signed by Nick and then he ships your print to our expert framer who mats and/ or frames your prints and ships them to you. 

- These are custom framed, hand signed prints, they are not an off the shelf item.  So that is why they take longer: 7-10 days turnaround time on the hand-signed matted & framed pieces. 

- These all ship via UPS Ground. Delivery details and your tracking number will be provided in your Shipping Confirmation email.

- Metal prints are also made by hand on demand just for your order. These prints ship within 7-10 days of your order date.

Yes, we ship all over the world. International shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout. If you need a quote for shipping before placing your order, please contact us on the Contact Us page.

Please watch the video above for a detailed explanation. First of all if anything were to happen to your print during shipping, you are not responsible, we are. We will replace the damaged item for you at no extra cost. We have a professional framer who has developed a unique system for shipping prints with glass and we have a very good track record in this department.


Yes. Please see the details on our Returns page by clicking here.

Mission Statement

To inspire an appreciation for and curiosity about nature and its creatures by communicating the aesthetic beauty of this planet’s amazing creatures as they really are.

It is my hope that this appreciation will result in acts of empathy & stewardship towards these incredible creatures portrayed in my paintings.


We definitely DO NOT share or sell your personal information. Please see the details on our Privacy Policy page by clicking here.


Yes. Please send us a message via the Contact Us page and let's discuss!


Yes. Using my USPTO copyrighted images without a licensing contract signed by Nick will result in a legal Cease and Desist and law suit.

I have worked with manufacturers large and small around the globe from Nautica Clothing to small book publishers. My licensed products are sold in 30 different countries. Please send me a message via the Contact Us page and let's discuss!