Blue Poison Dart Frog Original Watercolor Painting

Blue Poison Dart Frog Original Watercolor Painting

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Blue Poison Dart Frog, Dendrobates tinctorius azureus

This painting was inspired by looking back over my childhood sketchbooks and rekindling my sense of awe and wonder at the natural world, using vibrant colors.  The colors of this frog are not dramatized, they really are this electric in real life!  The  brilliant blue signals to predators that the frog is deadly poisonous.  Native to Suriname native hunters use the poison from the frog's back to poison their blowgun dart heads.  The black spot pattern is unique to each individual.

Hand-signed original watercolor painting on Arches watercolor paper.  Price includes museum-quality framing including UV-blocking glass.  The original painting's image is 6 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" tall and framed size is 12" wide x 10" tall.