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What People Are Saying

"Man oh man! I'm so happy for you! Your career has really taken flight! I know you've worked hard for many years, and that you've really put your heart and soul into building this. It shows in the character of your paintings, the elegance of your website, and the sincerity of your letter. I hope it all continues to grow in a way that brings your satisfaction. Here at home, I enjoy my Nick Mayer beetle drawing every day." -Ted Lowitz

"Congratulations to you, Jon, Mike Rivkin and Nick Mayer! Life is good! A book is published ~ 'Catalina Island Dive Buddies'. Best Wishes from Zale and all the fishes!" -Zale Parry (First Lady of Scuba)

"It arrived! Dante LOVES the painting - we haven't stopped looking at it since he opened the box! Its wonderful! And the pictures and coelacanth info was such a nice addition and much appreciated. We are so impressed with the research and care you put into this project. You went above and beyond at every step. Thank you for this beautiful painting, we will treasure it forever!" - Megan Doiron

"I've been meaning to send you a letter to express just how grateful I am for the coelacanth. Words can't describe just how perfect it is!" - Dante D'India

"Stunning, Nick, gorgeous and amazing. WOW!!!! Can’t wait to frame it and get it up. Absolutely beautiful. THANK YOU!!!" - Paul Mahon (COO & Lawyer)

"I am so pleased with your fine painting of one of my favorite fish, the Striper. Living near Chesapeake Bay it was the first saltwater fish I caught on a fly and the reason why I developed the Left’s Deceiver. I was so surprised when it was given to me at the BT&T Fundraiser at Steve Woodsum’s home. I hand-carried it through the airport to get it home. Thank you again for sharing your talents and your painting with me." - Lefty Kreh (Fly Fishing Legend)