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About Nick Mayer

Nick Mayer is an award winning nature illustrator whose style embraces the natural beauty of fish and other marine life with a unique scientific perspective. He is a former marine biologist, an adventurer, and a lifelong fly fishing addict. A skin of his teeth survival falling overboard off a commercial fishing vessel into the Bering Sea followed by a near float plane crash in Northern Labrador inspired Nick to pursue his true calling as an artist. Painting is his passion and he has developed a celebrated touch.

Orvis’ Phil Monahan publicizes Mayer’s work as follows, “With undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology from Brown University and experience working for fish-and-game departments in Alaska and Oregon, Mayer brings passion, scientific understanding, and precision to his work, which he sees as an aid to studying and helping in the conservation of fish.” Mayer has illustrated 2 books on fish—Catalina Island Dive Buddies, written by International Gamefish Association (IGFA) historian Mike Rivkin and

Fish ABCs, a children’s book featuring one fish for each letter of the alphabet. His work and licensed products can be seen in galleries and stores in over 30 countries around the globe.

Fred Polhemus, Sporting Art Specialist at the J. Russell Jinishian Gallery in Fairfield, CT writes, “In today's world of Sporting Art, Nick Mayer is simply one of the best practitioners in the market. In terms of fish portraits, Nick is among the top two or three practitioners in the world. His work is that good and he delivers renderings of fish that are not only technically accurate, convincing and powerful but are also fresh, spontaneous and full of life.

He combines just the right amount of painterly qualities with a firm grasp and foundation of anatomic accuracy and knowledge. Nick knows his subject matter intimately - based on a lifetime of study and pursuit of the various species - and executes at the highest level. But he fills his imagery with artistic qualities as only a fine artist can do. The end result is some of the very best imagery available today in the field of Sporting Art.”

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