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Nick Mayer Art Featured in The 11 Most Inspiring & Beautiful Shopify Stores Of 2018

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Nick Mayer Art was featured in Ado Labs' "The 11 Most Inspiring & Beautiful Shopify Stores Of 2018."  Author Adriana Pope writes, "We are going to share with you eleven of the most inspiring Shopify stores we’ve come across. These stores are paving the way for a newer and better ecommerce future. They are great examples to look up to because they are successful in everything they do.

As you check out these Shopify stores, make sure to click through to their websites and explore a little bit. Ask yourself, why is this homepage visually appealing? Why is this product so alluring? What types of links do they have on their footer? What color themes have they chosen and why?

As you answer these questions, you’ll soon discover that all of these companies have one thing in common: they’re awesome at what they do. They’re branding techniques really do work.

So what’s so special about these ecommerce stores? A lot actually. They all have aesthetically pleasing homepages, bold photography for product pages, neat navigation, innovative products, color themes, a call to action button with simple copywriting, and easy to use minimalist layouts.

Nick Mayer Art.  This store is special because it sells original watercolor paintings and prints that are mostly oceanic in nature. Nick Mayer is a renowned artist who specializes in depicting realistic paintings of fish, birds, and plants. His simple, yet elegant homepage feels as if you’ve stepped into a gallery. A carousel of paintings is decorated with customer testimonials which adds an element of social proof. The call to action button “Shop Now” is perfectly positioned in the middle of his homepage."  

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