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Illustrations Featured in the latest issue of Anglers Journal Magazine

Posted by Nick Mayer on

I received my copy of the Fall Anglers Journal and concur with the buzz going on right now that this new magazine is truly a work of art! The theme of nostalgia, Sisson’s piece The Ghosts of Fall, and the jaw dropping, eye candy antique photos like the “First Light” Striper photo from Newport and the Merritts’ “Old Needlenose” in Caliban II really struck a chord within myself (and obviously many others) that made me realize, “Hey yeah that’s the kind of stuff that originally spawned this obsession of mine when I was a kid.”

I am humbled at being a part of Kaminsky’s piece on the Hendrickson hatch alongside Nilsson’s astounding photography and my hero Arthur Shilstone. On a professional level reading this magazine which had connections to so many folks in the industry with whom I have fished or with whom I’ve worked made me feel as if I’ve reached a new milestone. I am friends with John Jinishian and have fished numerous times with him and Fred Polhemus, his uncle Russell owns the J. Russell Jinishian gallery which sells my originals, I’ve had conversations with Thomas McGuane, Arthur Shilstone, & Flick Ford, etc. So thank you to Anglers Journal for commissioning my illustrations and allowing me to be a part of such a class act.

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